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Don't have a Chief Innovation Officer?

Let Trent handle that for you, on an hourly, fractional or interim basis.

Although innovation is the purpose of business, Trent estimates less than 1% of leaders have ever had a single course on effective innovation practices. With the increasing competition in the market, global recession and disruption, and continual new technologies being created, this means that business and technology leaders today are not well-enough equipped to be successful.

To assist with this, Trent developed the concept of the Innovation Advisor. This is based  off Amazon's model of the Technical Advisor--a technical expert who shadows executives to assist with technical decisions.

As your Innovation Advisor, Trent can be considered a dedicated member of your team, with the single-purposed goal of improving how well you innovate. This is a role that almost no organizations have assigned--even if they have an innovation, product, or technical function.


Engagement Process:

Each customer has unique needs, and services vary. Engagements start with a free consult to gauge fit and next steps (see link above). Often, Trent begins with leadership training on key innovation concepts, followed by workshops to identify improvements to make. 

Services may span from providing feedback on opportunities and new concepts to managing critical innovation projects--anything that is needed to assist your company in becoming a top-tier innovator. 


While at Amazon, Trent was a go-to leader for solving any innovation challenge, from launching new geographies, to ensuring Amazon Alexa was compliant with all global regulation. He brings these skills to each client, to provide solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Advisement is structured on an hourly, project, or "days per month" basis.

Once engaged, Trent dedicates his time to you to attend meetings, review concepts, conduct training, assist with hiring, or other tasks that a full-time Innovation Officer would conduct for your company. In addition, Trent is available on-call and as-needed, and prioritizes your support over project and training-based engagements. 

Some example services include: 

  • Concept, Business Model, Product Strategy Review and Ideation

  • Innovation Portfolio Design and Feedback

  • Organization Transformation Assessment and Management

  • Executive and Staff Training

  • Executive Coaching

Innovation Advisor services begin at an hourly rate of $350, with retainers beginning at $1,500 per month, and increasing based on the number of days per month support is needed.

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