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Expert Guidance

AI Process Automation to Innovation, We Have You Covered

Leaders need guidance they can trust, from proven leaders with hands-on experience driving global technology change.


Our founder, Trent Gillespie, drove global expansion for Amazon and other major technology and innovation Programs--many including AI. 

Combined with a focus on generative AI-enabled knowledge management and innovation, we provide leaders the trusted advice they need to learn AI and effectively transform to become AI-empowered Leaders and Organizations. 

No Hype. Only Results.


Generative AI & Innovation Advisory 

Each leader and company has unique needs, and required services vary. Engagements start with a free consult to gauge fit and next steps (see link above).

Primary Advisory Services include:

  • Private or Group AI and Innovation Training

  • Leadership Team Ideation and Prioritization Workshops

  • Opportunity Identification and Prioritization

  • Generative AI System Vendor Selection Projects

  • Transformation Project Advisory

Services are offered on a project or retainer basis, against specific objectives.

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