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Speaking and Training

Inspiring and Accelerating Innovation


Like summiting a mountain peak, succeeding at innovation requires knowledge, inspiration, and a great plan.


Trent provides these when speaking at conferences and to private groups, with audiences from Fortune 500 executives to tech teams and students. 

He also provides workshops and training on innovation, and technical concepts.

Group Keynote Presentations

Trent provides the following prepared presentations for groups, which are flexible to span between 45-90 minutes depending on Q&A.

  • Unlock the Secrets to Amazon's Innovation Success: Amazon is one of the best example of continual innovation, and it's practices for building innovation into it's DNA can be studied and replicated. This inspiring keynote is best for general business and technology audiences interested in improving innovation and using Amazon as a successful innovation model.

  • Becoming an Innovation and Technology Leader: It's no longer enough to be a technologist or a business leader. For career success, you need to become an Innovation and Technology Leader, who understands business, technology, and innovation, and delivers constant value. This inspirational keynote provides the foundational innovation knowledge to inspire professionals to be more impactful across these knowledge areas.

  • Winning in the Innovation Era: We have entered a new era of fast-paced, technology-enabled innovation, where only the best and most effective organizations will succeed. This keynote outlines how to approach innovation and technology to win against local and global competition, and is best suited for business and technology leaders.

  • Drive Continuous Innovation with the Cloud: The Cloud is the most significant technological force for innovation in the last 20 years, and organizations that understand how to harness it to create new value will have an edge up over competition. This keynote outlines key innovation and cloud concepts, experimentation-based innovation, and designing cloud-enabled organizations. It is best suited for business and technology leaders.

Custom presentations available upon request. Use the Contact form below to request additional information.

"VERY informative and incredibly aligned with the way we think ...not to mention a delightful peek behind the Amazon methodology curtain."

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"Fantastic, actionable content!"

Executive/Group Presentations and Seminars

Trent provides virtual and in-person presentations and seminars upon request. The following are bookable online via credit card. 

1)  Unlock the Secrets to Amazon's Innovation Success (1 Hour): $2,500

Amazon is one of the best example of continual innovation, and it's practices for building innovation into it's DNA can be studied and replicated. This 1-Hour, small-group presentation is a more intimate version of the keynote presentation by the same name, and is intended to introduce business and technology leaders and teams to innovation concepts they can immediately begin to apply at their own organizations. 

Contact us below to schedule, for additional information, or book a time here.

2) Innovation and Cloud Fundamentals for Leaders (2 Hours): $5,000

This 2-Hour presentation sets the foundational knowledge about innovation that few leaders have been taught, including it's importance for business, how to structure organizations effectively for innovation, and begin planning how to transform or improve innovation efforts. In addition, it outlines how the Cloud can be used to accelerate innovation, and create cloud-enabled organizations to succeed at ongoing innovation.


This is intended for executive teams and technical organizations. Includes approximately 90 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of discussion. 

Contact us below to schedule, for additional information, or book a time here.

3) Customer-First Innovation with Working Backwards v2 + AI (2 Hours): $5,000

This 2-Hour presentation sets the foundational knowledge about innovation, and the importance of starting with the customer problem or opportunity in all innovation work. It includes training on Amazon's famous Working Backwards process, plus improvements to make it more effective with Jobs to be Done and Demand Generation.  This now includes how to use AI (ChatGPT) for increasing the velocity of innovation!

This can be followed by a workshop for idea refinement. 

Contact us below to schedule, for additional information, or book a time here


Trent provides virtual and in-person workshops upon request.  Standard workshops include: 

1) Idea Refinement with Working Backwards v2 + AI

This workshop includes group training on Customer-First innovation, plus a live workshop to apply the practices and develop the first "Working Backwards" document using the latest AI-enabled innovation Practices. This is best used to apply the Working Backwards approach to a concept, refine the concept for stakeholder alignment, and increase the likelihood of success, while learning AI along the way! 

This is intended for business and technology teams or individuals who want to improve their innovation practices and learn these methodologies. Workshop can span from 1-2 days depending on customer preferences and group size.

Contact us below to schedule or for additional information.

2) Innovation Maturity Assessment and Transformation

This business and technology leader-focused workshop includes leader training on ​innovation, the cloud, and how to win in the new innovation era. In addition, the group attendees:

  1. Conduct a real-time assessment of their innovation's organizational maturity, and identify clear next steps to begin transformation into a continuously successful, innovative organization. 

  2. Apply the Working Backwards and Jobs to be Done framework to one idea.

  3. Create a high-level Innovation Portfolio of their most impactful, value-creating ideas.


This is most often a 3 day workshop depending on customer preferences.

Contact us below to schedule or for additional information.

Event Planner Information

If you are interested in booking Trent for a keynote, seminar, or workshop at your event, email him via the Contact Us function or emailing

The following can be used for marketing or other event materials for your event. Contact Trent for additional resources as needed.

Speaker Detail

Trent Gillespie

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Day One Innovation, LLC




Trent has over 20 years hands-on innovation and technical leadership experience, including almost 9 years in Senior Technology Management at Amazon. During his Amazon tenure, he managed Amazon’s global expansion efforts across all businesses and geographies, created and led the global Alexa Privacy Risk, Compliance, and Technology group, and managed the global innovation and project portfolios for Amazon Last Mile Technology (e.g., Amazon Logistics, Fresh, Restaurants, etc.) and Finance Operations. Trent now consults with and trains companies on how to improve the effectiveness of their innovation processes, using his real-life Amazon experience and other proven technology, product management, and innovation concepts. 


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