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Here are innovation materials, links, and other resources that are free for use. Please retain Day One Innovation, LLC as the template creator where applicable.

Let us know of any feedback or how these can be improved.


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This lists the 35 top mechanisms that Amazon has used to build innovation into its DNA, and gives brief advice on how to use the same mechanism.

Use this template to help you document the main and sub-jobs for your customers. 

Use this template to write your Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions, following Amazon's "Working Backwards" process. 

This updated Working Backwards template includes improvements for the Jobs to be Done Canvas and Riskiest Assumption Testing.

This is a fictional example of a PR/FAQ document outlining the possible strategy behind the Amazon Purchase of the MGM catalogue. 

Use this spreadsheet to document your high-level business/product model, and identify the assumptions behind it. Then, identify how you will test the assumptions and track progress in doing so.

Reference diagram of the 8 elements of the Day One Innovation Management System

Recommended Products

LaunchDarkly is feature flag management product, which gives business, product, and innovation employees the ability to change code and features easily and quickly, to aid experiementation.

Reference Materials

Seminal book covering Innovation theory, from Clayton Christensen.

Dobson's research and playbook for how to identify new innovation opportunities.

Great book summarizing JtbD, with specific instructions on how to accomplish key tasks.

Easy to read and instructional ideas on how to follow Amazon's organizational best practices.

Business strategy book that became the foundation for Amazon's business approach.

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