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Frequently Asked Questions

Following Working Backwards best practices, here are some of our FAQs: 

Who is the training for?

Our training is targeted toward business and technology professionals who manage organizations or products that may benefit from higher levels of innovation. Due to the wide breadth of impact and cultural change to move to a highly-innovative culture, we recommend leadership teams attend training together. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can also benefit by learning principles and selecting which to adopt as they grow.

What is unique about your services?

Our training is based on years of experience managing innovation at Amazon across a myriad of businesses, products and geographies. In addition, we provide ongoing support to organizations to help them adopt the most significant and beneficial capabilities, which require time and effort to achieve.

When is training provided?

Group training is scheduled at a mutually agreeable time, with approximately 2 weeks notice. Although virtual training is possible, in person training is preferred to provide better engagement and experience. We are fully vaccinated and follow best practices for travel.

Individual training occurs on a periodic basis, and is expected to be provided at least monthly in 2022. Contact us to schedule any training. 

Do you provide virtual training?

Yes. Virtual training can be provided. However, we find in-person training to be more effective, to better stimulate conversation and share experiences. 

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