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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine and deep learning and another modern computer techno
Artificial intelligence (AI), machine and deep learning and another modern computer techno

Working Backwards+AI

Using Artificial Intelligence + Jobs to be Done to Improve Amazon's Working Backwards Process

Amazon's "Working Backwards" innovation process has contributed significantly to it's success, and many other companies have adopted it. It includes the methods of writing a customer-oriented, visionary "Press Release" to align stakeholders on an idea, followed by "Frequently Asked Questions" that discuss how to implement it.

Although useful, Amazon's process was created in 2003, and hasn't changed much to incorporate new theory, new technology, and development and innovation processes.

Day One Innovation, and former Amazon leader Trent Gillespie, has updated the original Working Backwards process to address its shortfalls, new concepts, and the use of generative AI to greatly increase the speed and quality of completing it.​

This web page is provided to help leaders and practitioners learn this new methodology.  Resources are listed below. ​

NEW! Online Training and Workshops Available!

Generative AI will drive innovation, and we've created our first self-paced, online course to teach both Working Backwards and how to do it with Generative AI. Visit Luminary to purchase your Working Backwards training or join a Working Backwards Workshop.

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Read about how to improve Working Backwards with Jobs to be Done Theory.


This comprehensive whitepaper outlines Working Backwards v2, including Jobs to be Done, and specific instructions and prompts for using ChatGPT/AI to increase speed and quality.

This updated Working Backwards template includes improvements for the Jobs to be Done Canvas and Riskiest Assumption Testing.

This is a fictional example of a PR/FAQ document outlining the possible strategy behind the Amazon Purchase of the MGM catalogue. 


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Book Trent to come speak with your group about Working Backwards v2 + AI.


  • Former Amazon, 9 year Senior Technology Leader 

  • Innovation Expert and Advisor

  • Professional Speaker 

  • Developed the Working Backwards v2 Methodology

  • Developed the Day One Systemic Innovation Methodology

  • Practical AI + Innovation Leader

Working Backwards v2+AI can be provided virtually or onsite, to private to large groups.

Options include:

  • 1-Hour Group Seminar

  • Half-Day Seminar and Idea Demonstration/Refinement

  • Full-Day Workshops

Sessions can be combined with Trent's other presentations and workshops.

Inquire now for more detail or to book a session

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