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Working Backwards

Instructions and tips on how to use Amazon's Working Backwards Process 

Amazon has highly publicized the "Working Backwards" innovation process it follows, which may be responsible for Amazon's success in creating products and services consumers love.

It's a straight-forward process:

  1. Write a one-page Press Release before you start work on a project.

  2. Include "Frequently Asked Questions" to outline how you will deliver the work.

  3. Ensure stakeholders agree with it before you start work.

Of course, there is complexity in doing this as effectively as possible. In the Resource Materials section below you can find links to some templates and other information to help learn it. 

Want help learning or implementing Working Backwards, or improving how you conduct innovation? Contact me for training, seminars, and workshops to help refine ideas, quickly, and increase the success of your innovation.

Reference Materials

Read about how to improve Working Backwards with Jobs to be Done Theory.

This updated Working Backwards template includes improvements for the Jobs to be Done Canvas and Riskiest Assumption Testing.

This is a fictional example of a PR/FAQ document outlining the possible strategy behind the Amazon Purchase of the MGM catalogue. 

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