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The Future of Business is


Simple and Clear Strategies for Leaders to
Thrive in the AI Revolution 

How should leaders think about using generative AI in business?

Hear from Trent directly in his latest video for business leaders:

KEY Services

  • Generative AI Leader Education

  • Generative AI and Innovation Acceleration

  • Generative AI Strategy Creation

  • Generative AI Process Enablement

  • Leader and Team Training and Workshops

  • Generative AI-Empowered Business Transformation
  • Idea Refinement and Go-to-Market Advisory

  • Start-Up and New Business Model Advisory

  • Innovation Portfolio Review & Creation

  • Innovation Leader and Team Training

  • Retainer and Project-Based Delivery


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Our Approach

At Day One Innovation, we believe that to thrive through the AI revolution, leaders need to harness AI and leverage it to drive highly effective, decentralized innovation at scale that can beat the competition. To support this, we help leaders learn AI and innovation concepts, and implement them in their organizations, to drive career and company success. 

We study and test the latest methods and tools, and share that information with our clients to ensure they have the most effective, targeted advice necessary to drive success.  

Our two focus areas are generative AI for knowledge management and innovation, as we believe the majority of productivity and company benefits will occur in these areas, and it leverages our expert knowledge and experience driving impactful innovation and technology programs globally.


Spanning from research to innovation, companies can expect to create up to 40% productivity savings, today, with generative AI related tools and process changes, plus reduce time to market and increase innovation effectiveness.

We believe today can be your Day One, and we hope to help you on your journey to become AI-empowered!



"VERY informative and incredibly aligned with the way we think ...not to mention a delightful peek behind the Amazon methodology curtain."

Director, Growth and Creative Strategy

Technology Startup


COO of Tech Start-Up

"Excellent Value!"

Director, Product Management, Fortune 100 Retailer

"Fantastic work! To succinctly frame the problem, highlight the issues and suggest a path forward in a concise statement is invaluable, and that is what you have done here."

Software Engineering Lead, Fortune 500 Retailer

"Trent harnesses his Amazon experience to help perpetually disrupt markets and convert concepts into billion-dollar businesses that scale."

COO and Co-Founder, Startup Accelerator

"Fantastic, Actionable Content!"

Senior Product Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer

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